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Welcome to Maximum Solar Properties

At Maximum Solar Properties, we’re working towards your solar independence together. We specialize in residential and commercial solar panel systems. We are eager to map out your top needs. Whether you're looking to:

➝ Eliminate or reduce your electric bill
➝ Free Energy produce clean, renewable and emission
➝ Increase your property value
➝ Get a return of investment

Home Solar Panel Installation

Better Quality

The reason we have reached the goal is just that we provide quality. We control the process, beginning with manufacturing premium quality materials of Solar Panels.

Consumed Electricity

Reduce maintenance costs, and energy loss with Maximum Solar Properties. We leverage the latest technology to respond faster, collect higher quality data, and run plants smarter.

Customer Support

We’ll evaluate your solar energy needs and give you pricing within our designated working hours, making the process quick and painless. You can trust that every detail will be covered by us.

Refer a friend and receive a bonus of $500 as a way to say thank you once they get solar system on their rooftop.

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Phone: (949) 899-1100

Mail: tanya@maximumsolarproperties.com

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Wouldn't it be great if you could solve your problems with a simple phone call? Maximum Solar Properties provides reliable solar energy service and results to keep your property fully functioning.